ZenSerenity AromaHARMONY

Designed for people with the need to step back from their busy lifestyle and recover balance, relax, and renew their energy. 

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage using essential oils bespoke to your personal needs discussed at your consultation. Recommended for stress relief, total relaxation and toxin removal.

Duration  1 hour 15 minutes

Price        £40

Package  £216 (6 weeks) Saving 10%

Zenserenty AromaBOOST

A basic therapy that will give you a much need quick boost of energy and relieve built up tension

Back Neck and Shoulders with essential oils bespoke to your needs. Used to target specific areas of tension held in the shoulders, to help reduce anxiety and de-stress.

Duration  40 minutes

Price        £25

Package  £135 (6 weeks) Saving 10%

Zenserenity AromaREVITALISE

Recieve all the benefits of AromaBOOST therapy plus relive tension top down through the head and neck to feel revitalised.

Back Neck and Shoulders Incorporating Full Indian Head Massage treatment using essential oils. Includes full head, face, arms and hands is recommended for clients requiring relaxation or if you suffer from stress headaches.

Duration  1 hour

Price        £30

Package  £162 (6 weeks) Saving 10%

ZenSerenity AromaBLISS - Total Immersion Signature Treatment

A rare and life enhancing full body immersion experience into holistic healing, designed to promote bliss, renewal, serenity and vitality. it will help you to de-stress, replenish depleted energy and boost circulation and the immune system

Back Neck and Shoulders, Incorporating Full Indian Head Massage plus Full Reflexology Treatment

If you have a hectic life and feel that your body and mind are out of balance

then this is the one for you, an amazing combination that has to be experienced

relieving tension and stress from the top down and bottom up for maximum results.

Duration  1 hour 45 minutes

Price        £55

Package  £297 (6 weeks) Saving 10%​​


Aromatherapy massage using essential aromatic oils which are extracted from natural sources with specific properties that have effects on the body and on the mind. Absorption through the skin via massage and inhalation works on the whole body inside and out and can enhance your overall well being and help a whole range of conditions. From a course of treatments you will feel less stressed, less anxious, muscular and rhumatic pain will be reduced or relieved, plus it can help digestive disorders, PMS and depression.

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