Holistic Massage & wellness Therapies 

Known one of the most complex plants on earth, bamboo symbolises perpetual youth, strength, prosperity, and peace in many Eastern cultures.

The use of bamboo in massage involves rolling and kneading the Bamboo cane with it unique texture and ridges against the skin to create an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being. The gentle strokes to the body can grow to deep pressure techniques to target specific areas of tension. The therapy is designed to enhance the body’s own internal healing process, decrease muscle tension by helping the body flush out and detoxify through the natural lymphatic drainage system. The treatment induces a deep state of relaxation that will leave you relaxed and energised with improved blood circulation and skin tone...

BAMBOO MASSAGE - designed to aid toxin release and induce deep relaxation

​ZenSerenity Full Body Bamboo Massage

Designed for people looking for an effective muscle recovery process or simply for those who enjoy a deeper tissue massage that will provide deep relaxation leaving you energised with relief from aches and pains . 

Full Body Massage using specifically designed lengths and thickness of Canes with Bamboo oil, that can be infused with essential oils bespoke to your personal needs discussed at your consultation. Recommended for muscle recovery and toxin removal.

Duration  1 hour 30 minutes

Price        £45

Zenserenty Bamboo Holistic Facial

Based on our hugely popular and successful 7 stage holistic facial, the Bamboo adds a new dimension to the process with enhanced benefits. Using true holistic products free from chemicals and parabens from Neals Yard of Covent Garden, London, we cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise the skin, which is finished with a facial lifting massage using small bamboo canes that give a wonderful lifting and rejuvenating effect.

Bamboo Facial removal of environmental toxins and dead skin cells from the skin uncovering a fresh rejuvenated complexion. this treatment also allows for the introductory experience of Bamboo Massage to the legs and arms at the end of the facial.

Duration  1 hour 15 minutes

Price        £45

ZenSerenity Full Body Bamboo Fusion - Total Immersion Signature Treatment

Immerse yourself in this wonderfully relaxing and powerful restoration treatment that infuses three disciplines incorporating manipulation of tissue and muscles with hands, heat using basalt stones and finally with the introduction of the bamboo canes. Stretching of the muscles and facia are delivered and tensions are disciplined and united, this causes blood circulation to be activated effectively removing toxins from the system.

Full Body Fusion Massage A stimulating massage that alternates firmness and softness, using more or less pressure depending on the needs and desires of the client. Pressure is exerted according to the part of the body which is massed. A delicious mix that will leave you relaxed yet invigorated, unwound yet energised, stretched yet light with recovered muscles.

Duration  1 hour 50 minutes

Price        £55​​