A facial like you've never experienced before... A Paraben Free holistic facial with Full Face & Head Massage

​​​​​Frankincense Intense 7 Stage Holistic Facial Massage Therapy

ZenSerenity Specialist Treatment

This deeply relaxing and natural treatment is designed to release tight facial, neck and shoulder muscles and induce a calm and peaceful state that relaxes the complexion in order to enhance the results upon the skin from the multi stage treatment.

Unlike normal facials,
this gentle relaxing holistic therapy employs advanced
massage and other techniques that increase circulation to encourage
rejuvenation at a cellular level, and release toxins through lymphatic drainage
creating the best platform for the
natural products, free from all parabens,
​to cleanse, exfoliate and nourish the skin..   

The result is a blissful experience that will detoxify, reduce anxiety and
improve your mood whist the oxygenated blood flow will leave your face
feeling ​rejuvenated with a bright smooth complexion.​​

Duration   90 minutes

Price        £45​​

ZenSerenity are Approved Neal's Yard Independent Consultants, Retailers, and are a fully certified Specialist Treatment provider...


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