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​​Swedish         Massage therapy 

guided meditation

Indian Head Massage therapy 

7 Stage HoLIstic facial & Massage

Bamboo fusion   Massage THERAPY

​You are one step closer to finding an escape from your daily routine and stresses or perhaps you might just find that we have the answers to help you overcome some ailments, strains and conditions you have been suffering. 

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At ZenSerenity we treat the whole person,  identifying the causes and not just treating the symptoms of such ailments as muscle, back and neck pain, stress, depression and anxiety, promoting lasting relief and long term benefits.  Our unique methods are evolutionary in their approach, creating bespoke packaged treatments for our clients, where required. By combining holistic therapies with meditation and visualisation techniques, which can be complemented by talking therapy or transformational coaching, we provide a total self-immersion experience enhancing the four pillars; Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotions. We hope you enjoy learning about who we are and how we can add serenity and zen focus to your life.



"If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live? ​

- Geraldine Mair



​​​​ thermostone Massage therapy

Aromatherapy massage therapy​