Reflexology is the study and application of pressure points on the hands and feet. Body organs and systems are all mirrored in the feet and hands and stimulation of pressure points to these areas helps the body improve circulation and heal itself more efficiently putting it back into a state of balance (Homestatis)

Whe the the body is in a state homeostasis, there is an inner balance that is essential for the body to function properly and effectively. When your stress levels are above what they should be, your homeostasis is thrown off causing you to not sleep, to over eat, to gain or lose excessive weight. Overtime, these factors lead to heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, auto immune disorders, and many other problems and disorders of the body that are common today.

ZenSerenity Homeostasis Therapy activates the body’s natural healing ability through Refloxology, removing blockages and congestions from the energy path ways that run through the body, improving blood and lymph flow by removing waste products, relieving pain and promoting flexibility. It normalises and balances organ and gland function, which returns the body to a state of homeostasis, allowing the body to self-heal, and thus has a balancing effect on emotions.

The Long term benefits from a course of treatments will include easing of aches and pains including sciatica, increased joint mobility, your body will be able to cope better with stress and you will have less fatigue and more energy.

Zenserentiy HomeoTRANQUILITY - Total Rebalance Signature Treatment

Full Reflexology Treatment followed by Half Leg and Foot Massage using peppermint oil infused lotion.This treatment is for the rebalance all of the energy zones and organs in the body, which are mirrored in the feet. A truly unique experience and great for so many conditions. If you have problems with migraines, sciatica, insomnia and stress, this is a treatment that you should definitely try, as the benefits can be phenomenal, and without the use of any pain killing medicines. We recommend a course for this treatment as extensive studies have shown that real measurable results will be after 2-3 treatments into the process.

Duration   60 minutes

Price        £30

Package  £162 (6 weeks) Saving 10%​​

​​Homeostasis Therapy© - Reflexology Treatment

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