Deep tissue massage enhances circulation, removes stagnant toxins and promotes the movement of blood throughout the body, heart and lungs to improve internal respiration. Oxygenated blood will return vital healing nutrition to the cells and tissues of the affected area. This enables work on the body to be deeper relaxing and realigning muscle fibres without causing micro tears. Working with the bamboo sticks creates a ying / yang effect giving the body space for self healing and relief from aches and pains. The treatment induces a deep state of relaxation that will leave you relaxed and energised with improved blood circulation

Holistic Massage & wellness Therapies 


ZenSerenity Full Body BambooSPORTS Massage

Designed for people looking for an effective muscle recovery process through a deeper tissue massage that will provide deep relaxation leaving you energised with relief from aches and pains . 

Full Body Massage using specifically designed lengths and thickness of Canes with Bamboo oil, that can be infused with essential oils bespoke to your personal needs discussed at your consultation. Recommended for muscle recovery and toxin removal.

Duration  1 hour 20 minutes

Price        £45

ZenSerenity FrankincenseSPORTS Massage 

Full Body Swedish Massage using Frankinscence healing oil, is recommended for clients wishing a relaxation experience. Great for targeting build up of toxins in the muscles particularly after exercise.
Duration  60 minutes
Price       £35

Zenserenity ThermoSPORTS Massage
Back Neck and Shoulders Hot Stones Massage Incorporation Arms and Hands using essential oils. Hot stones cause the muscles to expand and contract, which generates and internal reaction moving fresh fluids through muscle tissue and spaces in the joints, leaving you feeling completely revitalised. Good for targeting congestion in the muscles, where the heat penetrates deep into the muscles, targeting toxins, and encouraging lymphatic drainage in the body. We can also target specific muscle areas as required. 
Duration   45 minutes
Price        £35

ZenSerenity Full Body FusionSPORTS Massage- Total Immersion Signature Treatment

Immerse yourself in this wonderfully relaxing yet powerful restoration treatment that infuses three disciplines incorporating manipulation of tissue and muscles with hands, heat using basalt stones and finally with the introduction of the bamboo canes. Stretching of the muscles and facia are delivered and tensions are disciplined and united, this causes blood circulation to be activated effectively removing toxins from the system.

Full Body Fusion Massage A stimulating massage that alternates firmness and softness, using more or less pressure depending on the needs and desires of the client. Pressure is exerted according to the part of the body which is massed. A delicious mix that will leave you relaxed yet invigorated, unwound yet energised, stretched yet light with recovered muscles.

Duration  1 hour 50 minutes

Price        £55​​