Holistic Massage & wellness Therapies 

​​Transformational Therapies

Transformational therapies fully complement and enhance our other therapies. They are extremely effective at helping you to realise hidden potential, and set and reach goals and objectives far more quickly than you ever thought possible. Our holistic massage treatments firstly renew homeostatic balance, enhancing self-healing from within, and create a stable platform to focus on self-transformation.This is achieved by the use of complementary techniques such as meditation, talking therapy or transformational coaching, where we help our client's develop their sense of self, spiritual purpose, emotional integrity, confidence, courage and conviction. Our objective is to help you to become a better you, and live a life of fulfilment, wellness and personal joy. 

Talking Therapy

Talking can help everyone in many situations because sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger than to relatives or friends. During talking therapy, we simply listen to you, without judging, and help you find your own answers to your problems. We will give you time to cry, shout, talk or just think, and help you look at your problems in a different way, respecting your opinions and feelings, and encourage you to make your own decisions.

Duration  30 minutes

Price        £20

Can be added to existing packages

Transformational 1-on-1 Coaching (partner provider). 

Most people are busy trying to improve the world around themselves, without realising the key to doing so is to improve the world within themselves. Transformational coaching builds upon talking therapy by reprogramming limiting belief systems, which have historically holding you back. Over a course of therapy you will create new opportunities for conscious growth and well-being by introducing new approaches that will stir passion, feelings of wholeness, clarity, courage and conviction of purpose, anchoring feelings of zestful energy, inner peace, joy, and lasting fulfilment. 

Partner Provider:Ngage-2-Xcel

First Session 90 Minutes £80


Duration   90 minutes

Price  £125 / Session 

£650 (6 sessions over a 3 month period)