The use of holistic therapies have been around for thousands of years with many having roots in ancient civilisations. Today many holistic therapies, including those we use at ZenSerenity have been adopted by the NHS and Sports Science. Holistic Therapies, sometimes known as 'Complimentary Therapies,' are a natural, drug free method of helping a wide range of health and fitness problems, such as headaches, insomnia, muscular aches and pains, symptoms of stress and many more, including peak performance optimisation for sports people. In essence our therapies restore natural balance and promote self healing and overall well being. 

"The greatest wealth in life, is a life full of health" 

- Geraldine Mair


ZenSerenity Treatments

Use the Drop down menu above to view our treatments. All prices shown are for one off treatments and include a complementary consultation. Package prices should be used as a guide and their duration's may vary dependent on your consultation outcomes. Generally we will create bespoke program's that may encompass several therapies over a period of time, moving you closer to your goals. 

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our Approach

Our approach is to re-balance the body to enhance natural healing. Depending on your psychological and physiological ailments, or general well being goals, we will tailor a package programme over several treatments to get you the results your require, or move you closer to your goal.


Where we will review your needs


Packaged to suit your needs.


Reap the rewards 

The principle is always the same: To help our clients while taking into account their mind, body and spirit


"Our Holistic Therapies deal with the whole person, treating the cause; not just the symptoms" 


Holistic Massage & wellness Therapies